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Luxury Gowns

Dark Seer

Dark Seer

Red Mage

Red Mage

Wizard gown inspired by the "Red Wizards of Thay" from the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms role-playing game and the Fire Nation from "The Last Airbender". Firery red and gold are the main colors, combined with floating capes and skirts. Reptile (Dragon) leathers as a status symbol and red gemstones as sign for arcane power.

This gown was meant to be easy-care and crease-resistant so it can be packed for travel and used for photoshoots and events without trouble. The garment fabrics and cape are machine-washable. All p-leather accessories can be hand-washed or cleaned with a wet cloth. To fit a broader size range of models, all pieces have lacing. The pauldrons have a EVA-foam + worbla base consructions that makes them sturdy and durable. The collar can also be worn without pauldrons. The gems are pastes, real gems can be used as well. Thanks to p-leather, this costume is vegan.



A gown in pastel colors for an albino elven wizard with silvery hair. She is the keeper of dreams what was woven into the garment.

The undergarments were made from easy-care fabrics and are machine-washable. Coat, jacket and belt are made from off-white wool and fully lined. The jaquard piping is self-made. Hand embriodered pearls sit on the garment like iridescent crystals - each pearl is the essence of an abandoned dream of a mortal soul, that the dreamkeeper nurtures and protects. Sometimes she picks one of these dreams from her gown and gifts it to a mortal soul to re-ignite lost goodness, hope and creativity. Each pearl is attached separately, so they can be picked singly. Hidden side pockets in the coat allow to store more pearls and magical effects.

Silver Mist

Silver Mist

A gown as ethereal as mist in the moonlight. Lots of floating chiffon fabric swirl around the wearer as if she was a fragile snowflake in a winter storm.

The dress and full-circle skirt are made from high-quality bridal satin and fine chiffon. The bolero jacket and waistbelt are made from jaquard with a silver-grey floral pattern and lined with cotton. Lots of softly waving fabrics rustling and moving like fog patches, silvery flowers with moonstones and white pearls like dewdrops remind of the misty morning in the fading light of the moon.

Cult of Pleasure

Cult of Pleasure

Decadence, debauchery and deviousness are the core traits of the Chaos God this corrupted dark elf devoted her life to. Typical dark elven elements inspired by the "Warhammer Fantasy" role-playing game have been included into this design: structured materials, leathers with reptile look, pointed egdes, multi-layered clothing and golden metal details. Although the cult pretends to serve freedom and ease, metal chains and strong leather belts indicate the true nature of control and confinement once a victim entered the cult. Dark purple, black & gold are the colors of her cult, combined with snake symbols. Her vanity and passion for grandeur depict in rampant decoration with insignia and trophies robbed from noble high elven or human victims.

This gown was made suitiable for cold wheather and contact fighting. Untertunic and pants are made from machine-washable cotton and gold-varnished lace and optimized for agility and movement. The apron is based on a knit top with leather inserts and purple linen accessories. 3mm cow leather shoulders, and knee pads protect the wearer and allow swordfighting movements, rolls and epic death scenes. Despite the multi-layered look it's easy to dress by oneself and pieces are constructed to stay in place during fights.





Garment set for a druid and earth mage made from structured materials that underline his relationship with nature but still look noble and not like a hermit's rags. Additionally, the gown has hidden pockets and storage space for electrical devices for magical effects.

Skirt and tunic are made from structured cotton and linen that can be machine-washed. A tabard from wild silk with real leather appliqué adds a precious eye-cather. The long coat from thick wool protects from rain and cold and hidden pockets keep special effects at hand. His shoulder bag is made from thick fabric and big enough for druidic scrolls, folders and components.

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Since elaborate gowns require conceptual work and finest materials, the minimum order value for our Luxury Gowns is 2500 EUR (incl. German VAT but excluding shipping, customs and probably additional fees depending on your country). 

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If we accept your request and you agree to our proposal, a 50% deposit of the total order value has to be paid to cover our design and material costs. In a ~ 1 hr video call, we discuss further design details for your project and suggest our best ideas for you to chose from. You fill out our measurement form according to our guidelines and supply us with 3 photos of your full body in close-fitting clothing so we can assess your body proportions correctly. Then we weave the results into up to 3 design sketches (colored sketch on paper) and research the best fabrics for your project. The fabric swatches and sketch will be send as photos in e-mail and via postal services so you get a good look and feel of your final gown and can chose your favourite color shades and qualities to match your existing accessoires. 

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When the design is perfected and all materials were sourced, we make your patterns and manufacture your garment with the skilled hands of Lena, our artisan. We'll update you with exclusive work-in-progress-photos or videos regularly so you can join us while your dream is becoming alive. After the last stitch was made, you'll get photos of your final piece via e-mail and the final payment has to be made. 

As soon as the gown is fully paid, you'll get a shipment notice with tracking ID.

Your gown is send via Express Shipping and arrives usually within 5-20 days (EU) or 4-8 weeks (USA and world). Please note that shipping may take longer depending on your home country and current postal service situation.

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Photographer: CU-Photography Silke Juelicher // Model: Valentin Winter

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