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Send us the details of your project. In our CONTACT form we put some questions that help us to estimate your project's delivery time and pricing. 

Commission slots for Luxury Gowns are very limited, so not every request can be accepted. If you want to increase the chance of getting a slot, please provide us with all the information in the CONTACT Form. If you have questions or issues regarding the form, please don't hesitate to send your e-mail directly to "" and we'll be happy to help! 

Please allow us 3-5 days to assess your project.

A Luxury Couture Gown usually takes 2-3 month to make and we are usually booked several months ahead so we have to queue your project. Please make sure you plan enough time for the whole process. If you have a super urgent deadline, please let us know and we can check our options.

Since elaborate gowns require conceptual work and finest materials, the minimum order value for our Luxury Gowns is 2500 EUR (incl. German VAT but excluding shipping, customs and probably additional fees depending on your country). 

Join the Evolution

If we accept your request and you agree to our proposal, a 50% deposit of the total order value has to be paid to cover our design and material costs. In a ~ 1 hr video call, we discuss further design details for your project and suggest our best ideas for you to chose from. You fill out our measurement form according to our guidelines and supply us with 3 photos of your full body in close-fitting clothing so we can assess your body proportions correctly. Then we weave the results into up to 3 design sketches (colored sketch on paper) and research the best fabrics for your project. The fabric swatches and sketch will be send as photos in e-mail and via postal services so you get a good look and feel of your final gown and can chose your favourite color shades and qualities to match your existing accessoires. 

Watch your Vision become Reality

When the design is perfected and all materials were sourced, we make your patterns and manufacture your garment with the skilled hands of Lena, our artisan. We'll update you with exclusive work-in-progress-photos or videos regularly so you can join us while your dream is becoming alive. After the last stitch was made, you'll get photos of your final piece via e-mail and the final payment has to be made. 

As soon as the gown is fully paid, you'll get a shipment notice with tracking ID.

Your gown is send via Express Shipping and arrives usually within 5-20 days (EU) or 4-8 weeks (USA and world). Please note that shipping may take longer depending on your home country and current postal service situation.

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Photographer: CU-Photography Silke Juelicher // Model: Valentin Winter

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