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Fashion for your Quest

Our made-to-measure gowns guarantee the best fit to your body type.

Each gown is concepted to your requirements and from exquisite materials with great attention to detail.

Browse our recent works and order process and CONTACT us for requests!



  • Hunter-front-3er
  • Hunter-front-3
  • Hunter-front-4
  • Hunter-front-2
  • Hunter-Boots-back
  • Hunter-Boots-front
  • IMG_7570

Dark Elf

  • Tharass_3er
  • Tharass_front
  • Tharass_front-close
  • Tharass_back
  • Mantel-Tharess-front-detail
  • Mantel-Tharess-lining detail

Fire Sorceress

  • Feuermagierin_3er
  • Feuermagierin_front-full
  • Feuermagierin_front-close
  • Feuermagierin_back-full
  • Feuermagierin_detai-1

Wood Elf

  • Tauriel_3er
  • Tauriel_front-2
  • Tauriel_front-close
  • Tauriel-01
  • Tauriel-03
  • _DSC0663
  • _DSC0685
  • Tauriel_Accessoires-Tag

Beggarly Wizard

  • Sulphur-2
  • Sulphur-1
  • Sulphur-3
  • Sulphur-4
  • Sulphur-5
  • Sulphur-6
  • Sulphur-8
  • Sulphur-7
  • Sulphur-10
  • Sulphur-9

 Grey Mage

  • GreyMage_3er
  • GreyMage_front-full
  • GreyMage_front-full-2
  • GreyMage_front-close
  • GreyMage-detail-1
  • GreyMage-detail-2
  • Maesterrobe_close_verschluss

Noble Scholar

  • BlueRobe_3er
  • BlueRobe_front-1
  • BlueRobe_back-1
  • BlueRobe_detail-1

Priest of Steel and Storm

  • Sturmdrache-gesamt-01
  • Sturmdrache-UG-07
  • Sturmdrache-UG-05
  • Sturmdrache-UG-06
  • Sturmdrache-UG-08
  • Sturmdrache-UG-02
  • Sturmdrache-UG-03
  • Sturmdrache-UG-09
  • Sturmdrache-UG-10
  • Sturmdrache-UG-11

Get your Costume!

Send your Request

Send us the details of your project. In our CONTACT form we put some questions that help us to estimate your project's delivery time and pricing. 

Commission slots for Costume Sets are very limited, so not every request can be answered or accepted. If you want to increase the chance of getting a commission slot, please provide us with all the information in the CONTACT Form. If you have questions or issues regarding the form, please don't hesitate to send your e-mail directly to "" and we'll be happy to help! 

To make sure you get the best service and quality material, we have a minimum order value for Costume Sets of 850 EUR (incl. German VAT, excluding shipping, customs and probably other costs depending on your country).

Please allow us 3-6 days to assess your project.

Clinch the Deal

If we accept your request and you agree to our proposal, the total order value has to be paid upfront. You fill out our measurement form according to our guidelines and supply us with 3 photos of your full body in close-fitting clothing so we can assess your body proportions correctly. Based on that we weave your project details into a design sketch (colored sketch on paper) and research the best materials for your project. The material swatches and your sketch will be send as photos in e-mail so you can estimate how your final costume will look. 

Sit back and Watch

When the design is completed and all materials were sourced, we make your patterns and manufacture your garment with the skilled hands of an artisan. As soon as your garment is finished, you'll get an e-mail with photos of your piece and a shipment notice with tracking ID.

Please note that due to current circumstances shipping can take up to 90 days.

Dress-Up and have Fun!

Photographer: Dragonflies - by Yvonne Fischer

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